Saturday July 24, 2010 1-9PM, Dufferin to Lansdowne
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"Like everyone in our community I am looking forward to the 2010 New Bloor Festival. The New Bloor Festival is a wonderful opportunity for all of us who live in the area, and those beyond, to celebrate the arts, celebrate our diversity and celebrate our community. The volunteers and the organizers of the New Bloor Festival deserve all of our thanks for this great community event. See you there!"
Mario Silva
M.P. Davenport
"I have been attending the Bloor St festival since the beginning, because this festival is the most exciting street festival in Toronto. It directly involves every member of our community."
Tony Ruprecht
M.P.P. Davenport
"The Bloor Festival is an important part of Toronto's cultural mosaic. I hope to see you there!"
Joe Pantalone
Deputy Mayor
"Kudos to the New Bloor Festival organizers. Events like this bring the community together in celebration, making us all proud citizens of Bloordale!!"
Frank de Jong
Green Party





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Bloordale Festival (New Bloor Festival)
A community building festival for local neighbourhoods and the City of Toronto includes events, performances, food, and art; meet your politicians, neighbours and local storeowners. ....Book a table, enlists to perform, volunteer, be a sponsor. Everything you need to know is on the website: For more information contact Festival Co-ordinators: Dougal or Sid

BAAF: Bloordale Alternative Art Fair
A feature event of the Bloordale New Bloor Festival located at Bloor St and Lansdowne Ave. gallery district. This fair is affordable to participate in and to buy art from. It will include special events, performances and gallery exhibitions by artists, curators, art dealers and university art teachers. Art School Continues with teachers and students shared exhibitions tables. Curated projects by major commercial and artist run galleries. Emerging artists and galleries are encouraged to sign up. More information contact Carla Garnet:

Bloor Magazine
Visit us for the launch of the first issue of Bloor Magazine and pick up a free issue. Bloor is about art, neighbourhood, small business, festivals, local events, architecture, arguments, garbage, schools, youth, discussions, walking, bikes, luxury items at Value Village, make-up, fashion, politics, trees, gardens, music, land development, new business, ideas, the rail and TTC lands, food, dance, air quality, not hating your neighbours, empathy, forgiveness, moving forward, remembering the past, success and failure. We believe in living where we live. We are not interested in Utopia, gate-keeping or predicting the future. More Information contact Dyan Marie:

Festival Intention - The Movie: Your Voice Here
Our Bloordale videographer is on hand to collect Bloordale Festival participants' statement. What are you doing at the festival - or plan to do, think you might do, or wish you were doing? From the earnests to the ridiculous, from performance to food, step up and put your one-minute description on record. Selections of video will be published to the BIA site and used for other festival information purposes. More Information contact Andrew Prosser:

The Bloordale Festival is Organized
and Sponsored by:

Bloordale BIA (Business Improvement Association):
Our mandate is to improve the atmosphere, appearance and the economic viability of Bloordale. We produce and/or supports efforts such as:

2010 Bloordale New Bloor Festival
The BIG Festival and the BIG organization
Bloordale Blue Streetlights
LAF: Bloordale Light Art And Food Event as part of the City Of Toronto Festival of Lights
Nuit Blanche
Bloordale Gardens
New Horizens Strawberry Social For Seniors
The Splash Party
Bloor Banner Projects
Campaigns: Safe Streets, Buy-on-Bloor, No Empty Strorefront, Better Lighting
Bloordale Newsletter and website
Bloor Magazine
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